Make Your Grout Brand New Again with a Grout Shield Package

Are your kitchen floors looking lifeless? Does it look like your bathroom is never clean… no matter how hard your scrub? It may be time for you to think about restoring your grout. When the grout in between is dirty, it can make your entire, kitchen, bathroom, or pool area (or other tiled area of your home), look grimy or old. Most household cleaners are unable to lift the dirt out of the porous grout. So even if your tiles are clean, the grout remains dull or dirty in appearance. Unfortunately, dirty grout can also make your home smell, due to bacteria build up deep in the grout’s pore. Retiling a room is pretty expensive; Also, having a professional re-grout the floor is expensive. So, what can you do?  The solution is easy: buy grout cleaning and grout sealing (specifically) products.

At GroutShield, we sell grout cleaners and grout sealers that not only clean your grout, but they can als change the color of your grout if you’d like a change. To make things even easier for you, we sell many of our products and accessories in packages, so you have everything you need to clean and restore your tile and grout at your fingertips. Below, we have shared the details of some of our packages.


Includes: 1 pint Color Seal, 1 pint Undiluted Tile & Grout Cleaner, 1 application brush, 2 free chamois, 1 squeeze top, free instructional DVD, and printed Instructions ($39.95).


Includes: 2 8oz Color Seal, 1 8oz Undiluted Tile and Grout Cleaner,  1 application brush,  2 free chamois, 1 squeeze top,  free instructional DVD, and printed Instructions ($39.95).


Includes: 1 8oz Clear Seal, 1 8oz Undiluted Tile and Grout Cleaner, 1 application brush, 2 free chamois, 1 squeeze top, free instructional DVD, and printed Instructions ($29.95).

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Looking to restore your grout? GroutShield products can help you do it fast, and easy. You’ll love the results; your tile and grout will be bright and beautiful again. For more information, click here or to purchase products, call 1-800-631-0716.




The Basics of Grout

Let’s talk about grout. How much do you know about grout? Do you even know what it is? Or, why it’s a part of your tile work in your home? Grout is like the glue that keeps everything together. Without grout, your tiles would move all over the place. Also, grout adds an aesthetic value to the tile. You can totally change the look of the tile and room by the color of the grout you choose. If your grout is dirty or broken, it gives off the appearance that your home is unclean or old. It’s important to upkeep your grout. At Grout Shield, we take pride in our grout cleaning and grout sealing products, so we wanted to share with you some information about the grout that is in your home.

Grout is porous, which is why it can easily get dirty; it can absorb liquids, dirt, dust, and other debris. It is a cement or epoxy-based material. Grout’s job is to hold the tiles together tightly so water does not so underneath. With grout in place, it will help make your floors, countertops, backsplashes, and more stronger by bonding the tiles and keeping the edges of tiles from being chipped.

There are two different types of grout: sanded grout, unsanded grout. and epoxy grout. Sanded grout is made up of fine sand. Builders will choose this grout when seams are 1/8” or wider. Unsanded grout is a blended mix of cement and powdered pigments mixed with water.Unlike sanded grout, it is used for seams less than 1/8” wide.  Epoxy grout can be both sanded and unsanded. It includes a hardener and epoxy resin within it so it is resistant to most chemicals and stains it comes in contact with. It is used for bigger seams around ½” wide or less. Builders and tilers will choose

Grout also is pretty versatile when it comes to colors. Although you usually see whites and beiges in most homes, you can technically choose any color you can imagine to be your grout color. Your options are endless and it will definitely transform the look of your room with any color you pick. At Grout Shield, we can match any color in the world. Bring us a paint chip from a hardware store or a color from a major manufacture or the color codes on our site (here) and we can make this color happen for you!.

Cleaning and Restoring Grout with Grout Shield

Old grout doesn’t have to stay looking dull forever, and it doesn’t have to be replaced either. Most likely, you can restore it with a grout cleaner and sealer. Our grout cleaners and sealers have special ingredients and formulas that work well with grout. With our products, you can keep your grout looking clean year round and prevent it from getting dirty again. To learn more about Grout Shield’s products, click here or call 239-768-6809 or 1-800-631-0716.

Make Your Pool Tile Look Brand New Again

It’s summer time! This means you’ll be spending a lot of time in and around your pool. Unfortunately, you won’t enjoy being by the pool if your pool looks old and dirty. Sure, maybe you clean and treat the water regularly, but that won’t help the tiles and grout lines look clean. Being outside, pools are exposed to all kinds of weather, dirt, mold, and debris. Your bright, beautiful pool tiles now look mucky and dull. No one will want to swim in a pool that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years!

If you’ve been cleaning the tile and grout and it still doesn’t look clean, it’s time to invest in a grout cleaner and sealer. Many household and pool cleaners really aren’t able to clean deeply to lift stains, especially from the grout. With a good grout and tile cleaner, you are able to wipe away years of dirt, algae, mold, and stains that have appeared from the rainwater, pool water, and debris that has fallen into the pool.

To clean the pool thoroughly, you’ll have to empty the pool to have access to all tile and grout lines. If you’re tile work is not below the water mark, you don’t have to worry about draining the pool. Let all grout lines dry. Then, sweep away all loose debris or leaves that are on the ground. After the area is clear, apply Grout Shield’s Grout and Tile Cleaner with a mop and let it saturate into the tile and grout for up to 15 minutes. Then, towel dry the area. Once the tile and grout are clean, you will want to apply Grout Shield’s clear or color sealer. If you’re looking to brighten, enhance or change the color of your grout, your best bet is to go with the color sealer. Your pool will look brand new! The sealer will also help keep mold and dirt from building up on the grout. The sealer will keep the area looking cleaner and newer for longer.

If you want your pool looking beautiful this summer, think about purchasing Grout Shield’s grout cleaners and sealers. With these products, you can restore your pool to a brand-new like condition without having to spend thousands on new tile work. To view Grout Shield’s products click here, or call 1-800-631-0716 to order.



Transform Your Kitchen by the Color of Your Grout

Is your kitchen looking a little blah? Colors are faded? The room looks old? Fear not! You don’t necessarily have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation. In fact, one small change can completely transform the look of kitchen. This small change is in the grout! Whether it’s your floor, backsplash, or counter top, you can make these areas look brand new again with a clean, new grout color.

Grout isn’t just a functional element of tile; it’s also can be a design element in the room.  Changing your grout color from a white to a neutral can make all the difference in a room. Also, if you’re grout and tile are dull from wears of wear and tear, they may just need a thorough cleaning with the proper products to make the room look like you had a renovation!

For cleaning:

Grout Shield’s Grout and Tile cleaner gently lifts stains and dirt while cleaning the areas without compromising the stone or tile. You are able to wipe away years of dirt from the tile and grout lines. To use this cleaner, you use a mop to distribute the cleaner across the entire surface. Allow the cleaner to soak into the grout for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you can scrub the dirt away with a grout or bristle brush. After you clean, you can apply Grout Shield Color Sealer to the grout lines to either change the color of your grout or make it brighter.

Grout Shield can match any grout color in the world. Find something you like in a photo? Or, in another part of your house? Or, a paint chip from a store? We can match it for you! Here are just a few colors we offer: Quartz, lipstick, north sea green, midnight blue, earth, butter cream, Italian straw, moss, and bright white.

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, let Grout Shield grout cleaners and grout color sealers help you! We can change, brighten and restore the color of your grout.  To buy Grout Shield Color Sealer, click here. To learn more about all of the Grout Shield products, click here or call 1-800-631-0716.


Get Your Home Ready to Sell With Grout Cleaner

Are you in the process of getting your home ready to sell? As you’re probably realizing, it is a lot of work to get your home in proper condition to put on the market. When you work with a realtor, they will walk through your home with you and point out things that need to be fixed or cleaned to ensure your home will be market ready. If your kitchen has seen better days, there is an easy way to breathe new life into it. One quick fix can make the room look brand new again. Cleaning your grout! You don’t necessarily need to re-grout your tile or re-do your entire kitchen floor to make it look better. Save yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of time and effort.

By purchasing and using a quality grout cleaning and grout sealing product, you will be able to get your floors back to their original, bright state. Grout Shield sells grout cleaners and sealers that are easy to use.  The cleaners and sealers absorb into your home’s grout lines and easily remove any stains, crumbs, dirt, and more that have been sitting deep in the lines for years and years.

Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile cleaner can help you clean both the grout and tile by removing excess dirt and grease from your kitchen floor’s tile. This product works great on any time, and can be used to spruce up and clean your bathroom, as well. If your floor has any old sealer on it, this produce will easily remove it as you clean. After you’re done cleaning and drying the area, an application of Grout Shield ‘s Clear Seal will seal and protect the tile’s grout lines so it will not get stained or discolored easily again. That way, your kitchen will look brand new the entire time it’s on the market, without you having to spend hours on the floor scrubbing each week.

If you’re short on time, especially when looking to sell your home quickly, Grout Shield’s grout cleaner and grout sealer products will make your grout clean and bright again. Grout Shield will be able to match your color grout, or if you want to change the color, we have endless color options to choose from. To purchase Grout Shield products, click here or call 1-800-631-0716.

How to Get Rid of Mold In Your Grout

The summer is fast approaching, which means hot and humid temperatures. Although the muggy weather is great for tanning and jumping in the pool, it’s not always so great for your home. The extra humidity in the air can lead to mold and mildew build up in the home, especially on tiles and grout. If you’ve noticed any signs of mold or mildew in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll want to get rid of it immediately. Breathing in and living around mold is not good for you or your family.

Grout is porous, because of this mold and mildew can seep into it. The grout acts like a sponge and continues to collect, and house more mold, along with dirt and bacteria. It’s officially a breeding ground for unhealthy things. Even if you wash your floors or counters regularly, the bacteria and mold can be so deep in the grout, that you’re not able to clean it effectively.

With the proper grout cleaner and tile cleaner, you’ll be able to not only clean your home, but rid it of layers of filth and unhealthy mold that have built up over time. Grout Shield Grout and Tile Cleaner can remove dirt, mold, and mildew easily from any area. If there is any old sealant left on the tiles, it will remove this, as well. Other cleaning products are unable to truly clean the grout, so even if the surface of the grout and tile is clean, your grout will still appear dirty. All your scrubbing will go to waste! After your done using Grout Shield products, you can take the extra step of airing out the house by opening windows to let fresh air in to help the drying process.
Going forward, there are many ways to prevent mold build up in your home. Some ways include:

  • Wash and dry the floor regularly with Grout Shield grout cleaners.
  • Put Grout Shield sealer onto the grout so mold won’t absorb into the grout’s pores.
  • Wash and dry any floor or bathroom rugs or mats.
  • Use fans whenever possible, especially when showering.
  • Aim to keep the humidity in your home

If you’re looking to prevent or get rid of mold in your home, purchase Grout Shield grout cleaners today. To learn more about these products or to purchase them, click here or call 1-800-631-0716.

Magical – if used correctly – Tips for use

If used properly the results are AMAZING! Read some of the one star reviews here and suggestions are: ( other than the ones on the instructions sheet) 1) The scrubbing after putting cleanser the grout will not turn super clean. And that’s ok. Just no dust/ dirt on the floor. 2) put THIN line of product into the grout. The more you put in, more cleaning is required. Use the brush horizontally. 3) for the wipe off after you run the finger needs to be FLAT. ie grout lines are U shaped, tiles are flat around the grout. FOLD the cloth so it has a straight edge. The cloths folded side should be perpendicular to the grout line. DO NOT push the cloth into the grout, pressure on folded cloth for cleaning tile should be on the flat tile (two sides) not on the grout( center). The cloth needs to be cleaned ever so often so you are not spreading the previously cleaned grout on to the tile. I cleaned it for every two tiles and changed the folds for every tile. (Sorry this is hard to explain in words
RKadam, TX

Transform A Room with Grout Color

grout color

Grout isn’t just a filler on the floor, walls, or counters keeping the tiles together; it’s also more than a just a medium that keeps tile from cracking. It can also be a huge design element that pulls together the look of a room. It isn’t just important to choose the tile color, but the grout color is just as important. You want your grout color to properly complement your tile color in a way that reflects your personal tastes and desires for the look of the room. When choosing a grout color, there’s some techniques you can follow to help you make a decision.

Matching color – If you’re looking for your floors to be the center of attention in a room, it’s a good idea to blend or match the grout color with the tile color. Why? Any pattern or details in the stone or tile will stand out more.
Neutral color – This is a safe choice; these colors generally match most tiles and make a floor look uniform. It’s not too flashy. Colors include: gray, beige, brown.

Contrasting color – Contrasting colors help the tiles stand out and the grout lines stand out and pop. Black tile with white grout creates a very dramatic effect.

If you’re looking to hide dirt and stains, dark grout color is a better choice; although, dark grout colors can fade over time due to the light.

At Grout Shield, we can match any color in the world when it comes to grout color! You can choose a paint chip from your local store or a color from a major manufacturer or any of Grout Shield’s color codes. Options are endless! Some colors Grout Shield have include: dark ash, summer wheat, light pewter, bone, pueblo, avocado, twilight, dusty rose, and hemp.

Grout Shield’s color sealers change, brighten, and restore the color of your grout; they also seal the grout for protection against future grime and dirt. This way, your color will last and look clean To purchase Grout Shields Color Sealer, click here. To learn more about Grout Shield products, click here or call 239-768-6809 or 1-800-631-0716.

Bring Your Shower Back to Life with Grout Shield


A bathroom can be a person’s own personal oasis. It’s a place to relax and get refreshed and renewed. For a luxurious look, many bathrooms are designed with stone tile. Unfortunately, stone tiles and the grout surrounding it can start to look aged and discolored due to years of moisture, soap scum, and ineffective cleaning. Your beautiful stoned looks ruined. It may even look like your shower is dirty even when it’s not. Regular cleaning products cannot undo the damage that’s been done. In fact, they might make the dirty tiles and grout even worse off! That’s why you need proper grout and tile cleaner to get the job done.

Many cleaners out there contain ammonia and bleach, which will damage stone over time. Both grout and stone tiles are very porous, so they act like sponges absorbing all dirt and germs they come in contact with. Unfortunately, in a shower, wiping away moisture, mold, and mildew as soon as it begins to settle is nearly impossible, since the shower is always exposed to these elements. Grout Shield’s cleaners and sealers make it possible to maintain clean and beautiful bathroom grout and tile all year long.

With Grout Shield’s Grout and Tile Cleaner, you are able to safely lift strains and clean areas without compromising the stone or grout. To use: Use a mop to distribute the cleaner over the entire floor. Allow the grout cleaner to saturate into the grout for about 10 to 15 minutes, then scrub the area with a grout or bristle brush. After scrubbing the dirt away with a few brushstrokes, use a clean rag to wipe away any remaining grout cleaner. Then, use Grout Shield’s Enhancer Seal to protect the grout and tile from future dirt and stains. The sealer will make the tiles look vibrant and new; it’s also extremely easy to use. The sealer brightens and restores surfaces back to its original condition.

Ph-balanced chemicals in Grout Shield products truly get your tiles and grout clean in a safe way. Does your bathroom shower need cleaning and sealing? If you’re having trouble cleaning it or hate how it looks, try Grout Shield products today. Click here to view the products or call 1-800-631-0716.